Achieving Dreams on a Budget

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“Hike the Appalachian Trail,” is a demand that I hear whispered into my ear every single day. I first got this passion through reading a book titled, “A Walk in the Woods” my freshmen year of college. It was like a fire was lit inside of me that I couldn’t put out until my foot stepped on the 2,200 mile trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine. I began reading more books on how many people die from crime and how to handle a bear attack. But, much more importantly, I read about the cost of this massive adventure. Turns out that once you add all the gear, hostel, shower, hotel, and meal expenses, it costs $6,000 to complete the entire trail in the 6 long months that it takes. How in the world is a college student going to spare $6,000 and 6 months of her life while trying to complete a degree? That’s a great question that I’ve asked myself many times. I began saving for the biggest financial purchase I have ever made thus far. I decided I would shoot for sponsorships. My plan is to begin a video blog as I hike and post weekly videos of all the crazy and beautiful things I experience and see. During these videos, I will advertise for each of my sponsors for all my viewers to see. These would be uploaded to all my social networks where they can reach over 3,000 people right away, let alone after they are shared. I have written letters to multiple outdoor outfitter companies in hopes of gear donations to reduce the cost of my quest! The second part of my plan is to load up on credits each semester so that I can take of one semester. This will also save me the tuition cost of this semester! I won’t have books, tuition, and living expenses for that entire semester. I am taking the full amount of credits allowed to complete my degree when I come back from hiking. I will take off the spring of my junior year and be back in time for senior year in the fall! So, what dreams do you have? Turns out it could be possible to incorporate them into your college experience for the cost of one semester! Go out there, save money, and spend them wisely on your passions!