Learning to Budget

Document created by josephr on Nov 11, 2015
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I never thought I needed a budget, I could add what I had to what I would make and then subtract my expenses, and that seemed good enough. Needless to say I struggled with money for years, despite having jobs that made enough money I never had extra cash. One year my dad sent me an online course key for a series of lectures by Dave Ramsey on budgeting. It completely changed how I handle my money, now every dollar has a job, I still have fun and all my bills are paid on time (or early!). Budgeting set me free in a way I didn't know I was caged. Now I can look at my financial future and be happy, I don't worry about how I'll pay a bill, or how much money I need this month.
I always feared budgeting would be hard work, and that it would take all the fun out of my life. I couldn't have been more wrong, it has allowed me to actually do more fun things, I can afford to pay bills and eat out once in a while now. If anyone has ever wondered about the value of budgeting I say try it out, just for one month. I guarantee you will see be happier and less stressed in no time flat.