Financial Issues

Document created by michellenusz on Nov 11, 2015
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Throughout the years, my mother has struggled badly with financial issues. My dad left her when I was just a baby and she kept the house we were living in. She thought she could afford the house and all expenses that came her way. She had a big mortgage on our home. Unfortunately, she got into a hole and couldn't get out. My father wasn't giving child support and wasn't helping my mother. My mother then got diagnosed with breast cancer and had to pay for those expenses. My mom works Monday through Friday from early in the morning to late at night and she still can't afford extra necessities. Two years ago we sold our home and moved into a two bedroom apartment. My mother barely got any money for our house, which she thought that she would. When we moved into the apartment, she thought that this could help and she could save a lot of money by down sizing our shelter. Unfortunately, the rent increased from $1,700 a month to already $2,000 a month. My mom has bills to pay and mouths to feed. It's hard enough to just get the rent money every month. She never has extra money to put aside. She can't even save up to pay for my next few years of college. That's why I am working a weekend job to help with my college. It's really hard for my mom to find a way to save money. Her pay check goes to the rent, bills, and food for us. After that, theres nothing extra to save or to even buy some clothes. All I want is for my moms financial issues to be resolved. I want her to have that extra money every week to put towards something good. She never wastes money on little things. She uses it to live. She wants me to have a great future and get a great education. She can't do it all on her own. She needs help.