Buying my first home with cash

Document created by bella on Nov 11, 2015
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I am in my last year of graduate school, and having the pressure to have a decent place to live with my 2 year old son, I plan ten years ago that my first home was going to be exactly the house that I have now. It is a 3bd 2.5 bathroom home. In a nice neighborhood near the university attend (because is easier to rent it in case I move), and in good condition overall. I started plan for this house since I left college, I rented a very small cheap apt, with no much luxury but decent location. I start saving every penny I could, and then when I got married, my husband and I had the same idea about finance, so it was not hard to plan to buy a house together with out to have  credit mortgage from the bank. The sacrifices where worthy, we did not spend in unnecessary thing, always travel on a budget, using coupons and deal in whatever possible thing we were buying. Actually budgeting became part of our lives. It paid off though because now we bought our first home using cash only, and keep saving for other midterm goals my family has. I believe this is a great example of what can you do saving dime after dime. BTW, we are foreigners in this land, and even then we were able to save and have a very healthy finantial live!