Paying my parents back

Document created by mikelac on Nov 11, 2015
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     I am currently a sophomore and my parents are paying for my tuition, alone with dorming, my meal plan, and books. The feelings I have take over me, and although they had helped my sister with the same cost I feel bad for making them pay. Last summer I had the chance to get a job, I made about 3,000$ and I got the chance to help my parents pay for my schooling. I know 3,000$ is not a lot of money, but when it comes to paying college expenses, any dollar is worth it.

     This semester I didn't have to ask for spending money because I earned it myself. I got to pay for some of my books on my own and I also got to pay a little of my own tuition. It feels great, it makes me feel proud of myself, I got to help my parents out. I got to pay for some of my own expenses, all I had to do was give up a few free hour of my summer and it is worth it.

      This summer, I will be staying with an aunt away from my parents with no car because I will doing an unpaid internship, or volunteer service at Kapiolani Medical Center. One day I hope to become a pediatric nurse and this opportunity would lead me to the right steps in becoming that. Not getting the chance to have a job this summer doesn't allow me to help my parents, unless I get scholarships. I truly need this opportunity to help my parents out. They have already done so much to help me and I want to do anything to help them in return.

     I know you are probably thinking that I could get a job during the school year like other college students. But, I am a transfer student and transferring has set me behind on my track in graduating on time. Therefore, I am taking 22 credits, and 15 credits is a, 'full time student.' Therefore you can see that having 22 credits gives me no time to have a job.

     I will be very appreciative for this scholarship so that I can help my parents. Please offer me this money.