An Overcomer

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My name is Charita Vickers. Currently, I am enrolled as a full time student at Miles College in Fairfield, Alabama.  I am classified as a senior.  My current GPA is 3.8 with one semester remaining.  Upon graduation I will obtain a B.S. in Criminal Justice.  As a result of overcoming a twenty-six year addiction to crack cocaine, I both understand and appreciate the value of higher education.  Perhaps maturity and spiritual growth have contributed to my having an aspiration of being and exceptional asset to my family, friends, neighborhood, my city, state, and nation.

Although my past was categorized as underprivileged in many facets, it produced a deep burden for those who are antagonistic, rebellious, and defiant.  Because I am a non-traditional student, oftentimes I must organize and also prioritize my responsibilities in order to complete my education.  While matriculating at Miles College my goals have not become thwarted, due to the vast reservoir of knowledge.  Ultimately, I will seek employment that will match the earned degree.  Characteristics of my personality include being helpful to others and conscientious with an outstanding balance of harmony during any sort of adverse situation.

I am an individual who takes pleasure in the betterment of the community, while devoting my creative gifts and academic talents toward the antidote.  Integrity, in my opinion, is the best way to approach all relationships.  The reason that I chose a degree in Criminal Justice is because I have a strong inclination for fairness and the administration of an ethical standard.  For me contentment in life is tied to the ability to uphold justice, truth, and follow the law.  As a student I have sharpened my ability to bring a constructive idea to completion. 

I am seeking financial assistance in achieving my academic goal of being a college graduate.  College has developed an intellectual curiosity and produced a catalyst of passion.  Due to some choices that I made when younger, I am no longer eligible to receive government assistance.  Consequently, I aspire to embark on the opportunity to further my education in a Graduate School program.  By funding my education this will enable me to nurture my skills and expand my boundaries and prepare me to be successful in professional arenas. 

I look forward to seizing the opportunity to learn.  Graduate school is ideal forum to network and gain connections for a lifetime.  Networking with the right people can open doors of opportunity and help my career to thrive.  Many companies depend upon networking rather than an employment agencies or the lengthy interview process.