Just one day!

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All it took was one day, and that day changed my life forever. One day I got a call to go get my little sister from school, or she was going to be going to foster care when the bell rang to let the students out. I didn't know what to do, I had just gotten off of my night shift from doing a 12 hour shift at work. I had literally left an abusive relationship less than a month ago, and was starting from the ground up. I was living with my aunt, her family. My aunt helped me to get a job, and on that day I had just gotten my first paycheck. I felt like this cannot be happening to me. I honestly did not know what to do. I was anxious, I was scared, but I knew what I had to do.


Before my sister got out of school I had went to go get us an apartment. I had also went to go get two air mattresses for us to sleep on, a couple of space heaters, and with the rest of the money, I went and got us some food to last until the next payday. We really had the bare minimum to live with. This all happened in September of 2012. I know my sister deserve better and so I work long hard hours to provide that for her. I was thankful enough to work at a nursing home with older ladies who understood my struggle, and let me bring my little sister to work with me.  By Christmas my sister had a real room. She had a white metal frame bunk bed with a twin bunk at the top and a futon at the bottom, she had white dressers, and a Hello Kitty rug, curtains and decorative items all around her room. I still slept on my air mattress. I made sure that I brought her the proper clothes for the winter, boots, and a coat. I made sure that even though I didn't have it all she had everything she needed to succeed. I filed for full legal custody of my little sister, and despite every attempt of her parents who did not want her, to try and stop me, I gained full legal custody of her and October of 2013. My little sister was 9, and I was 22, we were both so young and did not know what to expect.

We have definitely grown together, and loved each other through the rough patches we have encountered. She is better today because of me, and I am better today because of her. And to think, it all started in one day.