Starting my emergency fund

Document created by ebenezer on Nov 11, 2015
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I had always wanted to save and one time after reading about savings, I started to build an emergency fund. I set a limit which was at least a thousand dollars in my account to serve as emergency fund. I was able to get it and along the way, fortunately in a way and unfortunately (perhaps), I got a car offer to buy from a family friend. I bought it because I really needed the car for school and work, and since then I am now trying to get back to building my emergency fund again, I think it is vital to have an emergency fund.

        In addition, there was a time I saved the tips from my job, keeping it somewhere like it was not of any importance and after several months, I was able to buy myself footwear that I had always wanted to buy. It is always a good thing to save and use our monies wisely.