Every penny counts

Document created by katherinet on Nov 10, 2015
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I was able to buy my first house in May,by saving extra money and opening up a savings account.  Dont have extra money? Add up your receipt to find things you can live without.... energy drinks,cigarettes,take out food, and entertainment cost...say you buy an energy everyday... 5 days a week try cutting down to 4..... every penny counts!!  Open a savings account,I recommend  using a financial institutions, thats not where your have your checking account. I also recommend not getting an ATM or debit card for this account. This helps to leave the money alone making it hard to get to. Have your employer directly deposit an affordable dollar amount in a savings account, this money comes from your pay and goes right into an account..... you dont miss what you dont see... in no time you can have an decnt amou t for a downpayment.