"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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     I grew up in fluctuating financial situations. My mother was struggling, remarried and we were pretty well off. I was able to enjoy experiences a lot of people will never get the opportunity to have. However, my mother was once again a single parent and struggling. I started working as soon as I was able to legally get a job. I worked, participated in high school athletics and maintained an average 3.6 G.P.A. Many people experience these kinds of situations, what makes me different?

     I have always done well and enjoyed school. But the first quarter out of high school I was going to a local community college as my mom could not afford to put me through a university and I was left to pay for my own college. I was ambitious and eager to get my schooling done and get out into a career. I quickly lost steam battling classwork and making sure I was working enough to pay my bills and school. Getting paid minimum wage and working near 40 hours a week while taking 12+ units was difficult to say the least. I gave up on school for about a year and a half. I went full force into working because that was paying the bills. College was sucking more money from my paychecks so this move made sense.

     Eventually, I was startled by the universe telling me to put my big girl pants on, get my stuff together and finish school. I started taking a few classes at a time to slowly get myself back into school. Soon I was back as a full time student and full time employee. I soon started seeing all of my fellow high school classmates graduating, attending graduate school and beginning their careers. I was jealous, envious, and let it get to me. But this time I was not going to let it hold me back or keep me down, I used it as motivation. I buckled down even more and pushed even harder to finish.

     It came time to apply for college. I am pursuing a nursing career and as you know this major is incredibly impacted. I used all of my savings to apply to as many colleges as I could to increase my chances of being accepted (the odds were not in my favor because of my transcript from my first year of college when I had given up). I very impatiently awaited acceptance/denial letters from all of the universities I applied to. I am from California and was really shooting for a CSU acceptance. I did not receive one. The only school that accepted me was my back up to my back up that I only applied to because my counselor told me it was a good idea. I was incredibly upset but I worked hard to get here so I accepted my admission to the University of Nevada, Reno. I picked up a second job as a cocktail waitress working night shifts then going to my day job with an hour and half of sleep, if I got lucky, so that I could save up before moving. I saved a decent amount of money and was prepared for my new experience.

     I moved up here in August to begin my first semester at a university to pursue my nursing degree that I have been working towards for so long. I had my savings, I was setup in a cheap room for rent, I had a job lined up. Everything was perfect. Then the universe came around and reared it's ugly face yet again. My savings was depleted less than two months into moving, my manager forgot to pay me for weeks of work and I was left with bills and $96 dollars to live off of. I was ready to give up again and move home. My sister offered a room in her home to me and I thought, "This wasn't meant to be. I am going to give up and move home. I will figure everything else out when I get there." But I was not going to give up. I worked too hard to let all of this go. I kept telling myself, people have made it through worse, I am not alone. Even though I knew was telling myself lies to boost my morale it worked. I found my motivation again. I lived off of that little bit, I handled everything I was capable of and put off what I needed to. It was not the best situation but I decided that it was going to work. I am currently approaching the end of my first semester with "A"s and while I still struggle I am making it work. Sometimes the universe conspires against me but I have to keep fighting because I have decided on a fate and the universe WILL conspire to make it happen.