Once You Get Kicked Down, Get Back Up

Document created by demi on Nov 10, 2015
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My father immigrated to America to pursue his American dream. His dream was to open a successful restaurant, and do what he loves most; being a chef. Many unsuccessful businesses and years later, he realized his dream was now a nightmare. My sisters and I felt the struggle since we were young. Once I got to my freshman year in high school though, the struggle changed from bad to worse. We were evicted from our house and our car got repossessed all in a weeks time. We were homeless, hungry, and scared. But that didn't stop us and we stood tall and decided we were going to make this situation okay. We went to a motel and we ended up living there for 6 months. In that time span, I had to get crafty in order to help my family survive. School wasn't a walkable distance, so I sought out students who drove that lived near the motel, and we made an agreement. Every week, I would pay them $5 to get a ride with them to and from school. I also got a job at the Friendly's near me and started working and saving every paycheck and tip. I eventually was able to help my family, by adding my money to a pool, to buy a car. In the meantime, I also helped out with daily payments for the motel and food from my paycheck. My schoolwork never suffered the price of lack of time. At work if things were slow, I would pull out my work and try to get as much in as I could. I would bring my school work wherever I was just to find moments where I could get it done. My paychecks left no wiggle room for fun and I scrutinized every item. I would ask myself, "do I actually need this, can I live without?" Even though most things I scrutinized would be normally be seen as necessities, I would almost always say "yes, I can live without." With the cards I was dealt, I completely changed my lifestyle. I had to find ways of having fun without spending money. It took a lot of creativity but eventually my father was able to get a job that allowed us at least rent a small house. With the new money he was also able to help out with other bills. After all of this, he always says to me, "without your smart spending and hard work, we would never have gotten to this point." That's the key to success, do not allow your financial circumstances control you. Take the situation and find a way to make it work. It's not easy, but it's worth it.