Life With MCP

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      I have had obstacles laid out in front of me like any other student, but to me my "hardship" or "obstacle" I've had to deal with my whole life, you see I have Mild Cerebral Palsy but I've had it all my life feeling like 99.9% of the time like everyone else.Overcoming physical boundaries, having to work harder in school and earning new found respect/perception for everyone I meet.       This is not true statement though, I'm not like everybody else I'm different. When I was a toddler I wasn't able to walk because my body was too weak to carry itself. In my early years of childhood I remember learning how to walk with a walker, that was somewhat painful but not more then the announce that would overcome me as I dragged along the carpeted floor of the doctor's office and talk about having braces on my legs that were heaver then I washing to trade spots with the gingerbread man at the end of the story but even he would decline. I say this with a partially joking heart it's not fun staying in bed having things handed to you all the time. I would have to master walking (going toe, heel, toe and correcting myself to go heel, toe, heel, toe) unlike everyone else who had to master the art of summer-salts. By the time I was able to walk correctly I had to manage not to trip everywhere; while others learned how to ride bikes or roller stake. To prevent myself from tripping on my daily routine to school I would be counting each crack on the curving pathway to the playground. Who ever said to look straight ahead without looking to the ground would be the fastest way to travel was proven wrong at those times. I still have to master some skills because to this day I get funny looks going down the stairs but for me that's quite alright.       In school it was no different I was behind in my basic skills reading, writing and math. I didn't understand why I could grasp things like everyone else. Little to my knowledge I couldn't spell dyslexia or understand what it was. Reading out loud was a nightmare from kinder all the way to middle school, even spelling and math still consumed me at times. I felt as if was drowning within myself. As years went on I understood I was different but I grew stubborn to be like everyone else. I'v had an IEP from the start of my education but I was and still am opposed to use it. Why do I need special accommodations if people tell me I can do what everyone else can, if they can do it without an IEP so can I. Sure I'm older; still as stubborn and this CP just gets worse (to be straight forward) but its nothing I can't handle; just because it will affect me for the rest of my life does mean it controls me. For those of you (may I add, I am lucky and fortunate) to know the great details you know about me and my condition these prior and following statements apply:     I am willing to work just as hard as any other student just to be caught up but my goal is to be ahead. I am willing to deal with all the physical pain of having CP but still putting my best foot forward and carrying on. I don't strive to be anyone else's best but to be better then best. At the end of the day I know who I am and I don't wish any more to be like everyone else but me. I am not asking for pity or even understanding but compassion for all-others out that are just like you and me, a person. It's my goal to be fair to all in this gable of life.