The Dream Vacation

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Everyone has those vacations they wish to go on one day, come on you know you do! Well for me it all happened when I was offered the chance to travel to Europe the central quarters. I attended the informational meeting all on my own just to see what the whole thing was about. After hearing about all the places we would go and things we would see I was hooked, I had to go! I ran the idea by my mom who said We financially can't do it, I begged for her to let me go, she told me " the only way you can go is if you pay, sorry but that's the only way." So with my part time job and completing my senior year of high school I worked my butt off! Went to class everyday and made the grades. Got out of school went straight to work. To top it off I also had drumline practices to attend. I was all over the place all the time picking up hours at work whenever I could. I raised about half of the cost of the trip when times got tough and I wore myself out, I was getting ready to quit and pull out of the trip and get a partial refund of my trip. My parents then pushed me to keep going that it was too late to back out it wasn't worth it. I kept working hard but it just wasn't coming... The deadline for trip was coming fast and I was still short when my parents surprised me with the remaining balance to send me to the trip of a lifetime! They saw my hard work and my will to go on this trip that they had been saving little by little to give me whatever they could by the deadline and it was enough to put me on my way all the way to Europe! Hard work pays off it really does. Save a little every pay day, the few dollars will add up and hey what's a little hard work for you? It's not going to hurt.