Motherhood, Family, Degrees, and Cakes

Document created by lindsay on Nov 9, 2015
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     It is amazing what one is possible of accomplishing when setting serious goals.  Beginning college when my daughter turned one was to say the least, challenging.  Learning to balance family life, maintaining a 4.0 GPA, all while raising a respectful daughter began to emotionally drain my sanity.  Then the student loans hit.  Every morsel of energy was devoted to paying those loans off (still working on it).  Battling major health obstacles during my undergrad education only added to that ever growing debt.  So, what is the solution?  Earn more money, pile on more jobs, and try to lower that number.  Although it seemed like I already lacked enough hours in the day with one job, school, and family, I seemed to muster the courage to add more tasks.  I began a small side business making custom cakes. 

     Not only did my nights consist of completing homework assignments until 2am, now they consisted of listening to lectures, writing papers, and decorating cakes simultaneously.  Shockingly I pulled it off, and pulled off graduating with honors.  Now as I enter my last semester of graduate school I still find myself multi-tasking.  Yet this time it is with two daughters.  I have mastered the multi-tasking skill, and I can see a very dim light (many years away) at the end of the student loan tunnel.  One work week at a time, one cake at a time, one payment at a time.