Living on a budget!

Document created by chaniecep on Nov 9, 2015
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I am a college late bloomer you could say. I learned very quickly how to manage money through trial and error upon having my first child. By the second child I was a master. I started making sure that I had coupons for everyday things, such as diapers, formula, toys, and food. For clothes I shopped at second hand stores and shoes at payless shoes. I am a woman on a budget, and now that I am married it has really became tight. I penny pinch every dollar to make sure we have enough of everything. It has gotten so bad that when I go into a store I pass all the latest stuff and go straight to the sale isle! I don't even have a fashion anymore! My husband tells me I am in last year fashion and I just roll my eyes. The only thing about a person on a budget is that we tend to have more than enough stuff because of the good deals and sales that we tend to be drawn towards! Being on a budget has helped me be more financially aware of my spending on miscellaneous things and can make sure my bigger bills are paid. It gives me peace to know that I won't have to worry about tomorrow and I get to enjoy my today!