Everything I do is for my family.

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  Let me start of by telling you a little bit about myself, I am a Full-time student and work part-time and my partner is also a full-time student and works full-time, sadly its never enough! I am so motivated to keep this family together and to be the best partner and mother I can possibility be and getting an education does just that! We both have created a little family, 6 year old son and a 1 year old daughter.  Trust me its not easy living life and raising a family! Luckily we are not in financial burden, reason is because we cut back a lot of unnecessary spending! We no longer take the car to drop off the kids to school, we walk them to school and pick them up walking, believe it or not we save about $20 a week! (Which mind you, can go towards our electric bill!) Also eating out has been out thing since we've been so busy working and going to school; but we realized we spend so much on take out- than us buying the food and making it at home is cheaper. So we now buy in bulk the meats and everything we need and have a set schedule of what we are eating through out the week. (the crock pot has been my best friend lately) We literally save $100 a month, possibility more on buying groceries to make at home rather than take-out. I do take my time through out the day to be able to cook; and have time to eat at the table as a family, which is refreshing. We also, well mostly me; my partner does not really understand the whole idea; he just wants us to save! I have been using coupons for everything I need and also been doing surveys online, when I have break during classes, work, and when I am cooking I try to squeeze a few surveys to receive rewards, the rewards help a lot because I can be able to use those to get out essentials like shampoo's, soaps. The main reason we decided to cut down on all these things and try to budget and be smart about our money handling is because we are trying to move to a better apartment. It is hard to try to save 3,000 or less because every apartment ask for everything for  move-in cost. Our pay-checks are pay check to pay check pays exactly everything we need for the month and us spending money like if we had enough was so irresponsible and figured out we saved a lot. We were able to save the move-in cost within 3 months maybe less than that! So we are very hopeful that by December we will have a better apartment to spend Christmas as family in peace. Hopefully my story inspires some of you to think twice before you swipe because I am telling you guys, you can save money its all about budgeting and handing the "needs" and "wants"! Be wise, have faith and happy holidays!