A Little Friendly Competition Never Hurt Anyone

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When my best friends roommate couldn't take the ceiling leaking on her from the bathroom above anymore, I was stuck. I couldn't let her live in that apartment alone, and she couldn't go back to her parents. So I worked full time and went to college full time because everyone who was anyone went to college after high school. Got my degree and eventually ended up living with my boyfriend, his brother and his best friend. Rent was cheap with all of us sharing that same two bedroom apartment I'd moved into with my best friend. Although having a degree didn't work out as well as planned, working two full time food service jobs led my boyfriend and I to a competition: who could be the first to save $10,000. We didn't know really know what we were saving for, he wanted a degree, I wanted a house, but we always thought about the 'what ifs', if something happened with the apartment where we needed to find a new place, or if the car died and one of us couldn't get to work. The tellers at the bank said we were the most exciting part of their day. In the end it didn't matter who won for us because we both ended up saving well over the amount we planned. It allowed me to go back to school on my terms, part time and taking the classes that I wanted instead of the gen-eds that led me to work in food service for so long with an associate’s degree. I built credit by taking out and slowly repaying a loan for Snap-On tools, and that automotive engines class is where I first learned what engineering was. I still have money saved from that competition, and now it's helping me pay for my bachelors in engineering, a field that I would have never know existed if I didn't have the finical freedom to go to college on my terms. Thinking back on it I should probably call up my ex to say thank you for the money saving motivation, but I don't know about that, after all, he did beat me to saving that first ten thousand dollars.