Too Much Information

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hello my name is Timothy Higgins and I'm going to tell you all about my financial aid story and it's not the best but ****, i would like to say that financial aid ask for too much information just to go to school and continue an education but to tell you the truth financial aid is a mess from the jump i mean fist you go on to the site log in and the site ask for a social security number and I'm like what the **** do you need that special number just for me to begin the torture of filling out the application and the application starts horrible because they actually wants you to fill out your parents information and stating that how much your parent is making, how much education did your parents make, did they even get a high school diploma or how much of their parents receive and how so much information is just a mess and how that's not the killer part, because once it gets to the student information it's a mess because first of all rule #1 you have to be careful filling out the student information because if you have the wrong information you can be pretty surely that your college or campus will be asking you to come in the office and fix the errors. and how in the student information you have to make sure you put your correct semester and your correct age and address and other info such as when did you start college and what are your expectations after college and it is just a mess and that's not counting on the fact that once you completed the financial aid process you still have to wait 2 to 3 days until the process is complete in the computer and i wish that we could just go to school every semester and won't have to worry about filling out so much information just to go to school and get our associate degree and move on to a university to get our dream job or follow our passion and don't have to deal with doing the application. and that's my financial aid story