Hello, this is not a story its more so how I saved my life from a lifetime of debt and interest.

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After grad high school i went to flight school at Lewis University Romeoville, IL. I attended from 1997-2000 or so. I had accrued well over 100k in student loans and flight lessons. I ended up not completing the education and moved on to community college. I didnt do so hot there either i tried my best to concentrate my parents felt i was messing around but in fact i was working hard in school just had a comprehension problem. Anyways, after being bounced around i ended up going to DeVry University. I took Telecom there and after being tested so badly i ended up graduating in 2.5 years a BS degree. YES! Its the truth i can show you my transcripts. I ended up loading my credit hours per semester well over 32 hours per semester. By the way getting well over 3.5 GPA. That ended up getting me deeper into my loans. I ended up continuing my education at DePaul University in Chicago. I completed my MS in Telecom while working full time at a big consulting firm. (traveling)  Anyways, how i got out of debt. I ended up applying for credit cards 1 by 1. Yes credit limit was small 500$ for 12 months at 0%. Slowly over time i kept on asking for a credit limit increase and it ended up taking much higher amounts @ 0% for 12 months. So what I would do is any of my 50 loans I would try to pay it off using the CC (balance transfer option) instead of paying 6% interest rate im paying 0% and im full force attacking that 0% card to pay it off before the 12th month. I used citibank, chase, discover, etc to do this and it was a success. My credit limit ended up going bigger and bigger. I repeated this over and over until my credit limit reached its max. Keep in mind I kept 3 jobs. My consulting full time job, i did valet parking in the nights when in Chicago at the local restaurants on weekends and worked at the SPRINT store selling phones. My theory in life if i owe you $1 I wish to only pay you back $1. I refuse to pay you 2$ why should i pay interest. Anyways, how this all ended it took me over 5 years to pay this  loan off and today my friends by the mercy of god my credit score is a blessing and I paid off all my student loans. I am DEBT FREE! 0$ balance!


This is a true story and i want you to believe in me and yourself this is a way to get out of this horrible cycle of DEBT.


Thanks for reading!!!