Past, Present, Future

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Where do I begin, I was born in California, I have an older sister, and my parents. Both my parents didn't go to college and they are both from India, My sister and I were raised in Conneticut. In 2007, my whole family was out running so errands, and one of them was that my dad was going to renew his liscense. When we got to Secretary of State and started the process for it. While that was a happening a problem had struck, my dad was put in a back of a cop car, from that moment on my whole life changed. When this all happened I was around 11-12, my dad was put into jail because of fraud. Before this had all happened, both my parents finally had great jobs and we were finally building up the inside of our house. We got all these new things in about 2 weeks that we had to sell for very cheap prices, because my dad was being deported back to India and so we all moved to India, it was a culture shock but we made it through, after 1 1/2 years of living in India, my sister and I moved back to the US in 2009 and moved in with my mom's brother's family, as a year went by without our parents my mom moved back to the US to take care of us. My mom had to start from scratch with a new job that didn't pay much and stuff and on top of that she was raising two teenage girls. My dad was still in India. Throughout high school, my junior and senior year I started to work two jobs to help my mom pay the bills from the lawyers we had hired to help get my dad back into the US. So throughout high school i was even debating if i shoudl go to college because of how expensive it is. But with the encouragment from my mom and family, I decided to go to community college to get my pre-req done for Nursing,Now it is 2015  now since my mom is finally on her feet with the help of my sister and I, we both are now in college pursueing the careers we want to go into, through all the rough times we have encountred, we now much better then before, but still have bills to pay and we are still away from our dad, we now have a much better job then having two jobs which helps my mom as much  as it can because of school. Now just taking up loans and going to school and then hopefully pay it off once i get my nursing job all set up. Lets just hope in the next 2 years of probation left we will soon be a family again.