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Hi everyone, I'm Jessica and I'm 20 years old.

I have to say I didn't think life would have turned out the way it had at this point, I can remember looking over old photos from hen I was a kid to see where we came from. I had my first job at 16, but my mom had a stroke so I had to quit working for a while, but things got better and I  graduated from high school at 17, I got married at 18 to my high school sweethear and later that year we moved in to our first rental house. It was nice! I worked my way up from making 7.35 an hour to 10.60 an hour. I've worked farm, factory, factory, factory and it wasn't always nice or even good work! College started calling my name, my hubby decided that in order for me to get my life on track and out of the factory I needed to go to college. He's been my rock through the whole experience, and life has gotten so much better. We've went from living in a 2 room house paying way more than we were making to a 3 room house with a back yard out in the country. Even with all the hard work we still have a lot more to go to make a good life for the 4 of us. My mom, my hubby, me and our daughter, we couldn't be happier.