Money thru Life

Document created by andreab on Nov 5, 2015
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As a child you are not really taught about money. You just realize that your parents have it and you get it at holidays. What is yours is yours to do what you want with. It's fun and its there. When you become a teen and get a job, it is still your money but now you realize that the government gets their share to. Still at that point in life you don't have bills or few if any but your money is still pretty much your money. Move on to adulthood. Your money is everybody's money and if you have kids you surely don't see much of your money. Bills, mortgage or rent,schooling,and kids.

    I am a single mother of three kids and never realized till I had them what not having money really meant. I still don't have much. With going to school and trying to make sure they have what they want. But in the end we still find ways to celebrate Christmas and birthdays. I wouldn't change my life for the world but I have to admit that having a little more money would help make things just a little easier. You learn to live with what you have and for some that is the challenge. For me it is being happy!