Learning to Be Successful By Starting at Nothing

Document created by ch_1 on Nov 5, 2015
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I started off Spring Semester 2015 with a nice apartment and car, in which I was paying for myself, as well as groceries and dates out with my boyfriend. Although I did not have much extra money after my bills, I was still happy. I have been living on my own for two years and haven't had any financial support from my family for several years, just because they are in a bind themselves and simply cannot give me money if I need it. Halfway through the semester, my roommates and I no longer got along, making it very difficult to live there. After going through some issues with them, I had to leave my apartment for my safety. I moved all my belongings to my car and lived there for three days. The following Monday I was able to speak with my dean and he moved me into a dorm. The problem here now is that I was still stuck paying for my rent and now had to pay for this dorm and meal plan that I given. Although I was grateful to have a safe place to live, I did not have $3500 in my pocket for both these places. I tried over and over again to get out of my lease, but my landlord never let me and I ended up having to pay for the rest of the lease, which was 4 more months. My cosigner on my loans told me that she no longer would sign for me, because of these problems. She was the last person in my family and family friends that was able to sign for me. While this was happening, my car started having problems. The brake pads had worn, I had a leak in my exhaust pipe and many other problems. I took the car to the repair shop, and it was going to cost me another $1000 to fix it; this was before my engine light came on and they told me i would need another several hundred dollars to fix that too. At this point in my life, I was struggling. I was very stressed out all the time and did not know what to do. I started failing one of my classes and wanted to give up. As the semester came to an end, I came in contact with one of the financial aid workers and was able to get my dorm costs eliminated. I then applied for a personal loan for the rest of the lease. I applied for a second job and worked 54 hours each week during the summer. Things were still hard at first, having only $3 to last me two weeks after bills were paid. By the time end of summer came, I was able to start saving money, which was a complete surprise because I had not had a savings account with money in it for awhile. I now do not owe the school any money, I have paid off my lease and have the loan almost paid off. I am driving a car that currently has no problems (knock on wood), and all of my bills are paid. With my savings money, my boyfriend and I are able to go out and have fun, and are planning an unforgettable trip for spring break, the first time we have ever been able to do something like this. And even still, I have money in my savings that is just in there to be saved.