My first car

Document created by dwagner17 on Nov 6, 2015
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My success story would have to be getting my first car. I started my first job in my junior year of high school at a local retail store. I was working minimum wage at roughly twenty hours a week, barely making anything, but it was still something that I was proud of. My parents and I came up with an agreement (and I will say I wasn't the happiest because I was young and not the greatest with money) that I save eighty percent of my paycheck, and the remaining twenty percent is mine to use however I wish. That was maybe fifty dollars every two weeks if I got lucky and worked a holiday. Fast forward to my senior year: my bank account was already into the few thousands and my father was itching to get me a car. Originally, he wanted to just give me a car, but then my parents thought it over and decided to have me pay half just so I really value my car and don't wreck it. We found a great car, a beautiful Chrysler Sebring coupe with a sunroof and sleek exterior. We all decided this was the car to get, so in order to get the car right away, we pulled out all the cash we need from my savings (including their half) and paid for the car right away. This way, we didn't have to worry about a loan and paying interest, and the car didn't slip through our fingers. My parents paid me back their half right away, and I have a wonderful car! If it wasn't for my parents persistence with my saving, I probably wouldn't have my first car.