The sky is the limit!!!

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I came from a broken family, my dad was an alcoholic and he died from it in 2001. My mother raised 3 girls the best she could, working nights, being the first woman in Colorado to run an overhead crane. Us girls on the other hand, went wild, we got caught up with the wrong people, and started sneaking out, drinking, smoking, and eventually, drugs.  My mother only had an 8th grade education and always told us to excel in school. There was no one in our family (on my mother's side), that went to college, that I knew of, let alone graduate high school. So eventually I dropped out and talked my mother into going to a night school to get my GED. I didn't. It was a place to meet and do drugs and stay out all night. This was my life until I married and became pregnant. I had my child, but still in my addiction, school was the furthest thing from my mind. I was married, had my child, and divorced, in that order. Little did I know, I would be married 2 more times. I went to school, partially, when I was married to my 2nd husband, but, still in my addiction, I couldn't accomplish anything. This was my life, I was an alcoholic, addict, and not a very good mother with nothing to instill in my daughter, who was living with me and obviously learning by example. Fast forward to mid 2000, my daughter chose to be homeless and "party" her life away. She didn't want to follow rules, or responsibility's in her life, and I knew she was spiraling downhill. You see, I was a functioning addict, I held a job, had a day life, took care of my daughter and school, (I thought), bills, etc. and once I started drinking, I wouldn't stop. This lead to using more drugs. I led 2 lives. So as my daughter is "out there", I would hear from her friends where she was, I was calling or texting them constantly to get her home. She eventually became a junkie, strung out on  heroin, this was some 3 or so years later. She has children, and I raised her oldest daughter, and her middle daughter, who was found exposed to drugs when she was born. I honestly saw no light at the end of the tunnel, I was helpless in my addiction, worried about my daughter, raising my daughters' daughters. My daughter was told by the Dept.of Family Services,  to clean up or lose your rights as a parent. This was a blessing, but we didn't know how big a blessing it really was! My daughter detoxed and was sent to a mission here in our hometown, There she found the Lord, got reborn, and asked me to come see her baptized. I was a backslid Christian, and all this time out in my mess, I never thought once about going to church or seeking any kind of help. So I said yes I'll go, Needless to say, and Thank God, I rededicated my life back to the Lord, and things have NOT been the same. My daughter eventually got her children back, she has her own apartment, a vehicle, job and her GED....endless are the blessings that came her way, and are still coming!! And me, I was a single mom, grandma, who once had children around me, now were none. I was crushed, but I am clean and sober!! I feel I've grown so much, and still growing, I got to concentrate on me. What do I want to do, where do I want to go? Here's where I am.......I'm 56, and I went back to school, I live below poverty level, but have a job and live in housing, I received some grants, etc. and just got a student loan to help with tools and to get my drivers license back. I haven't had my license since 2007! I am going to be a Aviation Mechanical Technician, and will have 1 year under my belt the end of this year!!! I am so grateful for amazing Grace, and think sometimes where I would be if I would have had the smarts earlier in life, but then I wouldn't be able to share my story. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I thank God I'm here right now telling you mine!  Somewhere in between here, I got to go to Hawaii where I married my 2nd husband and got my GED, and my niece took this course right out of high school, and is now a QC inspecting helicopters with her masters!! The SKY is the limit!! One more miracle I have to mention.....her children are healthy and no side effects! And I love being a grandma!!