How to Manage and Save your Money for Big Goals.

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Moving to a new state can be a great way to begin a new chapter in your life. Growing up in a small town in Washington I was not accustomed to being in the city, which made moving to phoenix a challenge. Everything that surrounded me was nothing that I have experienced before, from the immense amount of heat to even the way the residents drove.

Fresh out of high school I was excited for the change in scenery and to begin my life in the South-West.  Little did I know that after living their for 6 months I would be extremely unhappy.

After a month of not working I was able to land a job for a company that I previously worked for in Washington, as a cashier. Even though I liked being a cashier, I wanted something more rewarding and my managers knew that too, so after 3 months I was promoted to the Assistant Manager of People (AMP). This was a great opportunity for me to learn management skills and to make a descent amount of money for only being 19 years old.

With my new responsibilities I was closing the store 5 nights a week and with my two days off I was going to school full time. A year went by and after working every holiday and juggling the stress of going to school, I knew it was time for a change. I wanted to go back to familiar grounds and my true home, Washington. However there was a problem, I needed money, and a lot of it.

I knew that moving again was going to cost me a great deal of money and that I somehow needed to figure out a way to manage my finances so that I could save. This lead to me solving the problem by creating a finance plan. In my plan I decided that I have to cut out everything I don't need which included coffee stops and unnecessary spending. I gathered all of the clothes that I no longer wore and sold them to Platos Closet which gave me an extra $200 for my savings. I then totaled my monthly bills and after each paycheck I would take out money for bills and put the rest in savings, but here is the key, I never touched my savings. Saving half a paycheck was the best solution because after 8 months I was able to save enough money to move, pay rent for a room, and live off of my savings while going to school full time for one year.

This is my success story of how I overcame not having enough money to move back to my hometown and solving this problem by creating a strict finance plan.