My key to building success

Document created by jenniferf_2 on Nov 5, 2015
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While I was attending college, I didn't expect to have student loans for so many years after I graduated! It seemed like a struggle enough to attend college full-time and work to pay the bills. I decided to take a leap into the real world and purchase a home instead or renting, which was risky for me to do since being a full time student was demanding. The struggle of working hard in school and in my job paid off! I must admit that my Associate's and Bachelor's degree in Accounting did contribute, my knowledge of budgets and financial analysis helped me through difficult times. However, the student loans and other bills seemed to last forever and there was nothing I could about that. I took another risky leap of faith into real estate when I bought my second home. I did some financial analysis and decided that real estate holds the ticket to so much success and I want to head in that direction for future investments, along with working hard of course! I rent the first home which pays the bills for the second home. I have a home office so i can work from home while I take care of baby. I work for a company that I do project management & accounting services. I also have my own business that I do tax preparation. I believe that hard work, following a consistent budget, along with investing in the things that are growing in the economy will build the wealth and success for anyone. When you have done proper research, know the advantages/disadvantages, and have a plan B, I truly believe taking risks is worth the reward!

Thank you listening to my story and wish financial success for all those who work for it!