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What do we all want? What do we strive for and how will we acquire our dreams? What waits for us in the future? All these questions and more haunt my every thought. Having a family of six, five in my current household, how can I not think about such things? My family has faced so many economic problems yet currently we are facing a situation where our bank account has reached below zero and my older siblings are in an economical crisis as well. this seems very bad yet how my mom always says in Spanish "Siempre hay una solucion" which translates to "there is always a solution".  Most would talk about how life has punched them in the face and then some, yet I am so thankful. looking at my single mother, Cecilia, I have a mental anchor to keep going no matter what. So instead of throwing myself on my bed to play video games which, I admit, feel like doing sometimes, I got together with my mom and my sister and decided to do more to climb our way out of the little hole we're in. we decided to limit our shopping trips to the bare essentials. My eldest sister helped with couponing, ad matching at Wal-Mart whenever possible, buying things we truly needed, and restricted crave buying which is buying things we only craved. Me and my third eldest sister put in more hours in our jobs while going to school as we both go to college. Aside from smart savings here and there, my mother has started a mini business selling tortillas and tamales which we make homemade. Another saying my mom frequently states is " La union hace la fuerza" which means " strength in numbers". Sure there have been times where we feel physically and emotionally exhausted, yet we never give up. just the thought of doing that and throwing all of our efforts away just like that is atrocious. its all we can do to not give up. We have used this strategy for a while now and things are actually looking up. we have things paid and we even have some money for those long held crave shopping, while still keeping a focused mind of course. I've had a lot of time to think and I've thought about how everyone has there own problems yet what breaks apart those who succeed or fail, are those willing to do something about it and find any possible to come out victorious. So yeah we've had our family issues here and there but like every happy family we have each other and although we're poor money wise, we sure as heck are rich in willpower and stubborn perseverance. We will have more problems in the future of course, yet we'll have more solutions and if we cant find them, then we'll make them together.