Through it all I've learned to fight for what I need

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    My life hasn't be the easiest, and for some they don't know how I could have done what I've done.  When I was almost 19 I left home and had a chance to drive from Texas to California.  My life was going nowhere fast so I took that opportunity.  From California I and my boyfriend continued on to Coos Bay, OR. It would be a few more weeks before we had a roof over our head, but we managed to find a shelter to help us out. Within two years my life would be ripped apart due to the death of my boyfriend from cancer.

     It's hard to talk about that time because of the memories it brings back.  I not only fought to get him help in Portland, but also watched him die.  On top of that I had to get his body and belongings back to his family in Texas.  Mine wasn't very happy to see me and I was without a home once again.  It took the kindness of his sons Aunt Sharon for me to have a roof over my head for almost 8 months. She even helped me get the bus ticket to come back up to Oregon.  I had three jobs in Texas and couldn't make enough to rent a place to live and have a car. 

     By coming back with only $200 in hand I knew I would be on the streets for a while, but I could find a job.  What I didn't know was that I had gotten pregnant.  I went to the local pregnancy center in Coos Bay and got setup with their program and W.I.C.  I even had O.H.P. setup and food stamps.  When I had enough money saved up to get into a place the most horrible thing happen.  I lost the child.  It was a rough night and even rougher week with no one to talk to.  There were moments I wanted to just give up, but then Steve became my partner and helped me up when I just didn't have the energy. It would be another year of living at the shelters before we would be able to move into our own apartment. 

     There was still a lot of health problems for me, including seizures.  Through doctors’ appointments I was able to get things straighten out enough to start school four years ago.  It was a struggle to do, and still is one on a daily basis.  However, I've come a long was and now have three associates and I'm only two terms away from my bachelors.  On top of being a full time student I also have a very decent paying full time job.  Some people complain about how they just don't know how they can do it.  I ask, what's stopping you?  If you have the determination to keep going you'll figure it out in time.  It may take time, but the worst thing you can ever do is give up on yourself.  I'm now driving again thanks to my doctors, have a job, and about to have a bachelors.  I didn't let my down falls stop me from going forward.  They just were small road blocks that got in the way now and again.