Budgeting Beginners

Document created by linai on Nov 5, 2015
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Fall 2014 I started my first year of pharmacy school. Later that semester, I married my husband. I stopped working to focus on school full time and my husband's income continues to be our sole provider for bills and groceries. The first few months into marriage, my husband and I spent mostly whenever and wherever we felt was necessary. We were constantly aware of our credit card debt from the wedding and the growing student debt for my Pharmacy education. Finally, this past August, we officially created a budget to help is pay off credit card debt and to start focusino on student loans. Budgeting has helped us in many ways; to see where our money goes every month but also its teaching us not to spend extra in order to make sure our monthly bills are paid on time. It has been difficult, I admit. Now, more than before it seems we have zero extra dollars for anything. Even with a budget, I find it hard to fit an extra expense for a birthday gift or an evening coffee date with my husband. I love that I can work on my money habits through budgeting, but I'm also looking forward to the day when my budget has some room to grow for other goals and purchases in our family life.