Making a dream a reality

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Ever since I entered college, I had the dream of studying abroad in Europe. Even though it seemed a too-hard-to-reach goal, I never stopped thinking about it. One of my biggest concerns was how to pay for it without getting too much in debt. I couldn't ask my parents to help me financially because I come from a low-income family. I would have to work hard to reach my dream.


Coming from a low-income family might seem like a disadvantage, but it is until the person in the situation decides to stop it from getting in they way. Therefore, I decided that my lack of funds to go abroad would not be an obstacle, and I would not get in debt too much.

I started filling out applications for scholarships a year in advance of my trip. I completed my FAFSA application, and saved up money from my summer job. Luckily, I received a few scholarships that were worth of drop of sweat. I knew I could save some of that money to use it for my trip, and I did. I had a start towards my dream. I thought I would have to ask for loans to obtain the rest of the money, but I came up with another idea. I started a raffle and sold tickets to everyone I knew, and in less than two months, I raised more than $800, which I felt very proud about. Then, in the spring semester, various fraternities and sororities launched scholarships for students at Washington State University. I applied to all the ones I knew about, and I was lucky enough to get one of them plus another one that the university offers annually. Also, the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures launched a scholarship I got, and the Carson College of Business launched another one that I got as well. My dream seemed very close. By this time I had already started my application process because I knew I would go one way or another. Then, someone told me about which is a website where people make accounts for a specific fundraising purpose, and I decided to create one. People were generous enough to support my cause, and I was able to raise almost $700 from that account. I had enough money to cover all of my study abroad expenses and even some money left for my personal expenses. The dream had officially been reached.


Thanks to all of my efforts, I didn't need to ask for any loans, and my dream came true. I would say I killed two birds with one stone, and in the summer of 2015, I went to France and Spain to intern and study abroad.