Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice about Salt

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My sophomore year, when I transferred from my hometown university, I knew I would be taking on a lot more financial opportunities, financial difficulties, and of course…debt. Prior to my first day of class, I attended a tabling event for Transfer students where I learned about resources, organizations, and part-time jobs. One of the booths that stuck out to me, a student who was starting to pay her first rent, set of bills, and acquire loans, was this free service called Salt. The individuals at the booth told me about Money 101, the debt repayment calculator, and the countless other tools that I could use to help me stay in charge of my finances. I have utilized Salt many times throughout my academic career. From looking at how to create a budget my sophomore year, to learning about interviewing tips as I began searching for internships, to learning about how to pay back my loans as I approach my final year, Salt has been there to answer my pressing financial questions and enable me to achieve financial success. 


The impact Salt has had on my college financial life is one that will always stick with me and one I knew I wanted to share with others. My junior year I had the opportunity to become a peer financial counselor and I looked forward to helping students achieve their academic dreams and their financial goals. One of my favorite parts about my job is telling my clients or the individuals in my presentations about Salt. I always see faces light up as they hear about the free resources Salt offers that they didn’t know were available to them as students of our university. I’ve seen time and time again where students change their finances from a struggle to a success by utilizing Salt. Whether it’s using Fixx It to help them meet their budgeting goals or using the Loan Repayment Estimator to figure out what repayment plan is right for them, Salt allows students to feel empowered as they become more financially savvy. I have met with many seniors who are preparing for graduation, more importantly loan repayment. One of the biggest comforts I can give them is letting them know that Salt will still be there for them as an Alumni, through resources and even having loan counselors to talk to. I think that knowing someone is willing to help them a year from now or 10 years down the road helps them realize they’re not in this alone.


Whether it’s through my own financial successes or from those I’ve counseled, Salt has helped students achieve academic success while decreasing financial stress and increasing financial knowledge. I believe the greatest part about Salt is their abundant of resources, like budgeting, salary negotiation tips, cost of living estimator, choosing the right career and more, that can help you throughout any time in your life. I plan on using Salt for the remainder of my education and after I graduate, especially as I plan to move from Kansas to New York, start a career, and begin repayment of my loans. Seeing how it has impacted my life and those around me, I will continue to share and recommend Salt and all of its deliciousness!