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Im Miariesha Brown. Im 22 and I live in Chicago. As one could imagine, living in Chicago is kind of rough especially when it comes to trying to better yourself. So what do you do when you start to lose hope? YOU KEEP PUSHING. At the age of 19 I became pregnant with twins. My family turned their back on me, I was staying with my boyfriend and his mom, barely had money, and was travelling on the bus to school. A week before finals I went into labor at 25 weeks on 6 months pregnant. My daughter was 1lb 8oz and my son was 1lb 10 oz. I was as scared as ive ever been. Things moved pretty fast from that point. My son was diagnosed with a grade 4 brain bleed, his intestines ruptured on Christmas and he had a hole In his heart. As you could imagine it pretty much felt like there was a hole in my heart as well. I was faced with making a decision as to rather I wanted to keep my son here on earth with his twin or end his suffering. I chose to end his suffering because I didn't want to be selfish and keep him in pain. The pain for me lingered on because I had to stay at the hospital for 6 months with my daughter and not see my son anymore. Even when I was leaving the hospital with my daughter 6 mos later it pained me to know that my son wouldn't be coming along. Shortly after my daughter turned one me and her father had an altercation which led him to beat me as if I was a man his side. At that moment I left and never turned back. I had to work hard to get a car for her to get to dr appointments and for me to get back and forth to work, I enrolled in school again, and I started life over. Here I am today in my last semester completing the final classes for my associate in arts degree in hopes to move on to get my BSN. Witt all the things I encountered and still pushed through, I know someone else can as well. So if anyone start losing hope and start to give up I would tell them PUSH THROUGH it will get better