Another chance for change.

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Charmaine Tolbert. That is my name, I was raised in a very dysfunctional household and didnt have many friends. I kept to myself and my dreams. Growing up I always wanted to do something with myself, I just didnt what that was. everyone told me what I could be but no one asked me what I wanted to do or be we I grew up.. I loved dancing and acting, that was so exciting to me. I just knew that this was the way to make it big. However things happen as I went from one level to the next I was an average everything, lol. until I took up a computer class, computer programming to be exact. I excelled at it greatly. I received my first A and felt on top of the world. As always there are people who point out what bad you have done more so than the good. My self esteem was shot, I felt like I could do nothing and that I couldnt achieve my dreams because I looked a certain way or because we were poor. Once I graduated from highschool I still had my dreams and was looking to fulfill them until things took a turn I wasnt looking for. Our lights were cut off and we had no heat. it was winter time and I felt more ashamed and thought that they maybe the neagtive was just in it for me. I dropped out with a academic warning looming over my head. that was 1990 over 20 years ago. I thought there was no way I could ever go back to school. I felt like my chance at doing what I loved was gone until my two older children ( 9 of them all together) told me to take a chance at it again, so I did. Yes the hold is still there but I now have the chance to fix my mistakes and make a better path for myself and my children. It is a wonderful feeling when you overcome your obstacles and defeat the nay sayers. I am currently enrolled in college and look forward to gaining A master degree in Computer Information Systems. Sincerely with pride, Charmaine Tolbert.