Overcoming the Odds

Document created by brittneyw on Nov 4, 2015
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Going to college is not expected to be easy, but it's not expected to be the biggest reality check of your whole early 20s! It was for me. As soon as I began college, I moved out on my own and started renting a home. I had a decent steady job and I was doing great. I was totally reliant on just myself. Then one day as I was leaving school, headed to work, my tire blew out. I though "just great.. Could it be any worse?" Well of course it could! And it got worse. After I bought four new tires and paid to have them put on, my car completely died on me. It was so bad, the mechanic had to come to my house to look at the car. I couldn't even drive it to the shop. Of course, it couldn't be fixed. I had been saving money, but I wasnt expecting to have to spend it all at that moment. I borrow my friends car until I found one and made the purchase. It was my first major purchase and I did it all on my own. Coming from a poor family, this was something major for me. I'd never imagined I would have the money to buy a car out right and not owe any money. That was something my family had never done. We always had bills to pay or loans to pay. At that point, I knew I was beating the odds. I was overcoming the struggle I was born into. Making such a large purchase made me proud of what id done. This made me desire success more than anything. I then took of a large position at my job, I moved up from a human resource clerk, to payroll clerk. I did it for the pay raise because I knew I could handle more and demonstrate that I was eager to succeed. I go to school full time, I work full time, and I overcome the odds. I desire success and I won't stop. With determination and will power, everyone can beat any odds they face.