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Document created by willowsong on Nov 4, 2015
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In January of this year I was in a car accident. At the time I was a caregiver specializing in quadriplegics and working 7 days a week and 50 hours a week. I loved my work and lived in a state of gratitude. By May it was clear I was not healing and my doctors told me I had to quit doing that kind of physically demanding work. I was heartbroken. I had been with some of my people 5-8 years. ON June 1 I stopped working and my life became overly simple, and overly complicated in that I now had no income, savings or resources to survive. I was falling through all the cracks. I finally connected with Vocational Rehab and RCC Redwood campus and with their partnership my life has been transformed. I am now taking a class, tutoring as a work-study, and interning in the ABS program with the mission of having full time employment on campus by the end of spring term. It is still a struggle financially. In fact I am taking on more student debt to see this through. It is worth it! After months of depression I have a bright light shining a path for an awesome future. Financially I am still dependent on angels in my life (we all have them). I see the way clearly and willing to do what ever it takes to make this my reality. Life can throw you a curve in a split second. I may never heal completely from my accident but I have found a new way to serve. Never give up and be open to the changes that the universe reveals. I am always grateful.