Raising from a child.

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     As a teenager you make decisions some good, some bad. You grow and learn from the life choices you make.I myself learned a hard lesson early in life.  As a child my family was poor, my mother being uneducated and my father "paying child support". My step father was a drug addicted which only made our finical situation decline. With my mother working all the time to support my myself and my brother I found ways to occupy my time as a teenage girl would. Boys...I found the love of my life at 15 and got pregnant had a child. I dropped out of high school to work and support my daughter. I worked a couple of meaningless jobs like housekeeping, household moving , child care, ect. I knew I had to do something in my life to improve my finical situation for myself and my family. I did not want my daughter to grow up as I did. I wanted her to know that education is priceless and no one can take it from you. I got a job in the ER of a local hospital and put myself through nursing school. It was a long hard road working full-time and taking 12-15 credit hours a quarter, but I got through it and became a registered nurse with my associates degree.I now am an RN at that same ER. To go from nothing to a respected career women feels like I really accomplished something for myself. I went from below poverty level, receiving welfare and food stamps to a register nurse working on finishing my bachelors degrees. Who would have thought.  And that is my story.