The Loss of One Thing Can Lead to a Positive Outcome

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Have you ever felt so ashamed and disappointed in yourself for falling into a trap that you should have been able to avoid?

Well I have.  I have learned that in life, you will fall into some pretty hard ditches, but what you do to overcome and triumph over the mishap is what makes you a true overcomer.


It was slightly over a year and a half ago when my world seemed like it was falling apart.  I had recently separated from the military and was trying to get a fresh start as being a working civilian.  I was applying for jobs left and right and began to get discouraged because I was having unsuccessful attempts in getting a job.  One day, as I was watching the television and checking my emails, I stumbled upon a reply from a job I had recently applied for.  The first red flag was that the email was retrieved from my junk folder.  However, being the anxious and gullible person that I can be at times, I got excited and quickly replied back to schedule an interview.


The job opening was supposedly for a "stay at home" position, which I was thrilled about because I was currently a full time student and stay at home mother.  Red Flag number 2 came up when I could not find a solid background on the company, and it was based out of the UK.  Again, although something seemed a bit suspect from it, I proceeded to set up the interview.  Red flag number 3 occurred when I was informed that the interview and assessment test would all be done via the Internet.  Any way, after the whole interviewing process was completed I was offered the job and was given instructions on what the next steps would be.  Now, lets fast forward to two weeks later.  It was time to get my "equipment" and "supplies" for the job, however, I needed to pay for the supplies so they sent  me 3 checks on the total of 3800 dollars from what seemed to be a legitimate checking account.  The next huge red flag that appeared to me was that I had to send the money through western union once the check cleared in my account.  And what do you think my naïve behind did?  You guessed right! I followed instructions and did what I was told.


To make a long story short,  the checks eventually bounced in my account, and I was cheated 4000 dollars out of my own hard earned money that I had saved for surviving while being unemployed.  I was devastated and  embarrassed of what happened because my husband warned me and I had a bad feeling about the events the whole time.  My mind was so set on trying to provide for my family and being independent, I ignored all the signs that were given to me.  Worst of all,  I was not able to get back a single dime from the malicious scam.  I became depressed for a while, but I did not let that deter me from what I set out to do, which was gain employment in the right way, and support my family.  Less than a month later, I was hired for a government position and have been going strong ever since.  I was able to save up what I originally lost plus some and I have God to thank for all of that.


I believe the Lord heard my cry and knew that I meant well, even though I ended up hurting my finances over it.  As a reward and a lesson learned, he blessed me with an outstanding job and I was able to reap what I sowed.  My message for all out of this, is that we are human.  We will fall in life, but we will prevail in the end if we do what is right.  Through every bad situation, comes light and positivity which will always follow us.  And don't worry, justice always prevail over the ill-hearted in some way or form!