Avoiding Temptation

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College is a time of coming of age, during which there are many temptations. A lot of things about it feel great and gratifying. It proves hard to avoid some distractions that come at this time. Many opportunities open up, including housing opportunities and vehicle purchases, and many people take advantage of them. It is important to indulge in some of the new abilities we have as adults, but the importance of self-control and moderation must be kept in sight.

     The first step to adulthood is a really big one. Moving out excites many people. I chose to stay at home during my college education so far. In some ways, living at home can seem a hindrance, but I found that the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. Sure, I'm not having friends come in and out of the house at all hours of the day. I usually don't have people over based on the disruption it would cause my family, but this prevents me from the down side that comes with the constant availability of a roommate to distract me from my studies. The money I save from living at home has allowed me to do much better financially many of my peers seem to be doing.

     Another temptation comes from my place of employment. I am a part time sales consultant at Carmax in Wichita, KS. Not only do I see large numbers of appealing vehicles every week, but I work first hand with the customers who are purchasing them, many of whom are college students themselves. Whether it's their first car to go away to college with, or they are a junior who got a better job, I see many college students getting into nice vehicles. The importance of having a reliable vehicle college is clear, but the cost of some options can really sneak up on a person. In spite of this temptation, I purchased a car that I could afford without the need to finance the vehicle. A lot of this was made possible by the lack of a housing payment, and other things that come with living on your own.

     Needless to say, staying home for college has been the best financial decisions I have ever made. Not only do I drive a vehicle I was able to afford with the money I saved, but I have avoided borrowing any money for school, be it a loan from the bank or money from parents and other family members. The lack of debt really excites me, and I continue to look for more ways to achieve financial success. I recommend this move to any college student wanting to start off on the right foot after graduation. So far, it certainly works for me.