Smooth Sailing: Scraping by to Secure your Dream

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My name is Jordan and I am the first generation in my family to attend college.  In high school I was not a good student, I spent more time joyriding around downtown Nashville with friends than doing homework.  I was also very poor at managing money, constantly broke even though I had a small part time job.  Something happened the summer before my freshman year of college though, I got scared.  I was afraid that I would never be able to sail around the world and have the education I had imagined.  I was nervous that the road I was headed down would give me a mediocre job that would never satisfy my ambition or dreams.  This fear and stress called me to action.  I began to remake myself.  Gone was the complete slacker high schooler, and in her place was a fiercely determined young woman.  I was responsible for my housing, insurance, groceries, books and tuition.  I took on three part time jobs and started saving to help finance my university living.  It suddenly clicked that I would have to work less as a restaurant server if I drowned myself in textbooks and was awarded more scholarships.  I applied to every scholarship I was eligible for and each semester I was given more. It eventually happened, I was being paid to go to school.  I rarely went out to eat with friends, I lived on a diet consisting largely of beans and rice, and shopping was an unheard of luxury.  After scraping by for some years I was able to save up a nest egg that gave me some security.  Through extra scholarships I was even able to finance a study abroad program to Seoul, Korea for a semester during my junior year.  I worked hard and smart, and it got easier.  I am currently a senior at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and I will be graduating this may with enough money to buy the sailboat of my dreams.  I have developed the work ethic that creates opportunities to live out my adventures.  Its smooth sailing from here.