Keep the Change!

Document created by amarie on Nov 4, 2015
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Keep the Change is the motto.I had learned a trick to saving money very early, I never use my coins. I began working as a waitress when I was 15 years old and lived off of my tip money. Throughout the years I would always break a dollar before I would dig for the change in the bottom of my purse. I would dump my purse out and cash in my change every few weeks which would leave me with a great deal of money, I would then put this directly into my savings account. By the time I was 16 and ready to get an apartment I had saved $2500.00 and I purchased my first car and got insurance my name as well. By the time I was 18 years old and ready to move out on my own I have saved $6000.00, I got my apartment and all the furnishings and housewares needed, I even save $1000.00 to start my college education. This method has saved me so many times throughout my life, I think I am broke then BOOM! I remember I have a change jar to cash in! It is a wonderful relief and an awesome back up plan.

I am now 32 years old and still use this method, it really does work. To this day my friends say I am the most penny-wise person they know. I am now teaching my son to do the same with his money. He is 9 years old and already have $250.00 in his savings account from saving the change from when he makes purchases from his allowance he earns from chores. It sounds so simple but it really works!