purposeful forgetting

Document created by emily.m.turner on Nov 4, 2015
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I had started working when I was about fifteen years old. I always asked for direct deposit, I filled out two forms for the deposit, one form for my "fun" money and one form for my can not touch money. I opened two banks one near my house where my fun money was placed that I had unlimited access too. The can not touch money in another bank where I had my mom pick and not tell me what bank it is or where it is located.

     When it came time for me to go to college and start paying my own bills I had a nice safety net set up for myself. Most of my college cost was taken care of with grants and scholarships. I only owed $350 dollars. Luckily I had almost 4,000 dollars saved up in my do not touch money, it was easily paid off and I also bought a car! Since my old truck kept breaking down and was effecting my work. Since I had to call out if my truck did not want to get me from point A to point B.

     Even though I had gained access to my do not touch money, does not mean I am going to spend it on things that are not a need. Every other week twenty dollars is put back into my account and on the off weeks ten dollars is put into the do not touch account. I use this asa safety net, and not fun money. My fun money has also become my bill money now that I am older. Needless to say I am a young student and I will not have my money completely the way I want it until I am graduated working in the field of my choice. So money being tight is worth it. I do enjoy going out and buying new shoes but if it is not a need, I am not going to spend money I do not really do not have!  Forgetting you have money and basing your spending on needs is easier then spending all your money at once and struggling when there is a emergency or a big need like a student bill.