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Document created by shines on Nov 4, 2015
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I am a 30 something single mother of 2 boys. I have an 11 year old and a 2 year. I have been trying to get back in school and stay in school until completion for some time now but the way life happens that has not be an easy task. Now  I am finally in school working towards being accepted in the nursing program. I have a regular 9-5 and a overnight job so trying to create more income for my family is hard work. Prior to the Fall semester and during the time school was starting back for my 11 year old, I decided some changes needed to be made. My son struggles in school and to eliminate distractions for him and myself I cancelled the cable. That was like a jab in the heart for both of us because we LOVE television. I explained to him that I need to pass my pre-requisite courses and I would be pleased to see him make honor roll this year. The money I was paying towards cable would come out of my savings account automatically every month and once the cable was cancelled I did not give this much thought. As time started to pass and now the holidays are approaching I am starting to create a budget towards holiday shopping. After checking my savings account I was very surprised to find that I have saved so much money from not having a cable bill it is unbelievable. To think that this all started so we can stay focused in school and it's like a unexpected financial gain that came from this as well.