Quest for Independence

Document created by ellenl on Nov 4, 2015
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At 54 years of age, in April 2015, I lost my job.  I applied for dozens of jobs, with no luck.  I decided to return to school to pursue a nursing degree.  I enrolled to start classes at Clark State in August, but by July, I knew I could only make rent one more month and I still had no job.  Faced with living in my 18-year-old car and terrified, my sister and her husband moved me into a house on their farm in Knox County, Ohio. They are generously allowing me to live there rent and utilities free until after I graduate and get on my feet.  Such an amazing blessing!  Within three weeks after moving, I got a job at Tim Horton's and started classes at Central Ohio Technical College. Once I earn my RN, I'll enroll to pursue a BSN to further expand my job opportunities and earning potential. 

Immediately after losing my job, my applied for food stamps and Medicaid, and I'm very grateful for this benefit.  I was not raised to rely on the government, so applying for assistance tore at my soul.  The day I can stand on my own two feet will be joyous, indeed!  It will be an honor and a duty to pay the kindness and generosity of my sister and her family forward.

My son is a 23-year-old college student in Kent, Ohio, and we haven't seen each other since last Christmas...  He can't afford a car and my ancient car isn't safe enough to drive to Kent.

I'm determined to succeed in college, earn my degree, and support myself independently.  My goal as a nurse, in addition to my assigned duties, will be to provide some measure of solace to my patients to ease their fears.