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     When I was in the 6th grade, my life revolved around 3 things. Video games, sports and paper football. My favorite thing to do was to come home from school, or practice and get on the thumbsticks of my gaming console. I only had 2 games at the time, and I wanted more! I wanted to broaden my horizon with even more fun games.

     The problem was that at the time, my dad was in prison for reasons that do not need to be mentioned. He is out now and working hard for my family! But back to my point, he was in prison and around this time, my mom was told by doctors she had breast cancer. She tried her hardest to make it so I wouldn't suspect anything, but I knew and it became obvious when her hair was falling out. As you can probably imagine our income was very low and with both my sister and I to take care of, there was no extra money for things like video games.

     I wanted a new game so badly, which I forget the name of, that I went to the library everyday to read the same description of the game on the same website, just to get a "fix." I needed the game. I noticed how big paper football was in my middle school. We had about 80 kids playing in the school and we would acclimate them all into a season with other players of the same caliber. We would then have playoffs and everything. Playing any chance we got! I noticed how bland everyone's paper footballs were. Then the Idea sparked in my head. Since I am a good drawer I will draw awesome designs on them for them, but for $5 bucks a pop. The kids loved the idea, almost all them wanted it done, and some had more than one that they wanted done. I did designs from dragons to NFL team logos. Then after footballs were worn out, they would new a new one and need a new design, then bringing in more money.

     Around a month or so after that the craze for paper football died down and so did my business. In total I raised around I think $300 dollars. So I went to the game store and bought 2 new games for around $100 dollars! I spent hundreds of hours on these games. I wanted to get everything I could out of them. I then had $200 dollars left over, and on purpose. I gave $100 to my mom and told her to do something to make herself happy, buy something or whatever. I never really knew if she did or if it went to groceries that week. I gave the other $100 dollars to my sister and told her to buy something for yourself and stuff. She bought the typical freshman stuff, clothes from American Eagle, perfume, and posters of her favorite singer. I remember the smile on their faces, which was priceless. In a rough patch like we were going through, seeing a hundred dollars was amazing and spiritually lifting to them!