The Only One Left

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Fesili Wynn


November 3, 2015

The Only One Left

            Its not everyday you get the opportunity to explain someone your lifeline of work. Everyone’s success story begins the same and ends the same; there was a time of failure or doubt, which led to a more successful turnout. My story is a bit different then the common story told to millions of people. Remember that each thing said in this story is true and based off true events and happenings, nothing serious, crazy though, yes.



It all started the first day I was brought into this world, I didn’t know what I would do, and I was only an infant. I was born in Oakland, California where the streets aren’t the safest all the time. My family grew up in Hunters Point, San Francisco, also known as the “projects”. Mom was twenty and my dad was eighteen, at this point your probably thinking my story goes with me living with my mom, “the more responsible one”, hence that’s what they say about women. Actually though, it wasn’t my mom I ended up with, my parents were together raising me well, until my mom shifted in her addiction to drugs, which my dad did not seem so pleased about. I believe I was maybe three and was able to walk and remember certain things as being a kid; this was the time my parents separated. They were never married, but wanted to go to court to see who will win custody over me. I was told I tried talking with the judge to see if I could live with each parent on weekly bases, but the judge ignored my request (I still have dreams about that today). So there it is, how I started my first steps to being a success.


My parents were separated and my dad met another women, who soon became my step mom, without them being married though (just a sign of respect to the women I guess). I never really liked this lady, but I respected her for being the mom I didn’t have at the time. Starting in elementary school, she would help get my clothes out and stuff, not something I was fond of at the time. Anyways, in elementary school is where I met I best friends who I still have to this day, now I consider them my brothers. We pretty much did what every kid did, get in trouble and get away from it, ahh good times those were. We all did play on the same football team, but since we were badass kids in elementary school, our parents made us leave and switch during middle school. This is when things became a little bit serious for most people, you see my very friends who I grow up with, began to turn the other cheek. They pretty much went into drugs and stuff like that, but my dad kept me away from it, but there were times when he was not there and I had to make that choice, and so I did.


The choice wasn’t by my friends, but by those who were also close to me. I went back home for my uncles’ funeral and my cousins celebrated by drinking and smoking. I was by myself with them and had nothing to do, but to say yes to what they were giving me. This was the biggest mistake I ever made due to the fact I use to have asthma because of mom. I was high and drunk and had no control over my body, I could barely breathe and my vision was low. A couple hours later I was in a hospital chair with tubes around me. I woke up and knew I had messed up, they said my asthma caused me to lose oxygen and stuff while under the influence, guess little things come back unexpected. I was on my back home and my dad said I was going to private school, he didn’t want me in the school I would end up going too. I couldn’t fight him for it, but I saw this a second chance for me to make things better, to make them right, so I played football again, started fresh in my freshman year. I made varsity my first practice; soon I was starting that next year. I then transferred to another private school where my cousins played at because my school was canceling their football team. This is where things became a real challenge for me, I was nervous and wasn’t familiar with their program, it was my junior year and I was new to the team. We went to football camp in Oregon where I thought I would shine, but I messed up desperately, I knew I wasn’t playing to my full potential and my dad was telling me I should just give up on football, but I didn’t. Every time I had the opportunity to run that ball in the game, I ran more then what people expected as second string, I ran as if I started that game. It was now my last year of school and I had to shine this year, I really had and I did. I was playing with confidence, but I knew the coach didn’t have his eyes on me, he was very political, and so I had to win the audience of the fans and stuff, sucks when this is your last year playing. It didn’t matter anyways, my dad lost his job and my mom was out of state, there was no more school for me in where I was. I asked the principal if they could help in anyway, and all he said was, “your dad will make his money back”. I looked at him with hate and anger, showed him the kids on here with scholarships have no grades close to mine, and wouldn’t do anything for me. It was my decision, my dad didn’t mind struggling to pay for my tuition, but I had sisters now and I couldn’t let that happen. They were starting in a private school that was good for them, if I went here, they would their opportunity, so I told the principal I was leaving and I did.


If you made to this part of my story, it means this is interesting to you, you want to know what I did next, maybe if I made it or not, but your curious. I was now back at public high school, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with a public high school, I grew up in it. As I walked in the halls, people knew who I was, but I had no time for talk, I was only focused on making it, but maybe too focused. My classes were hard and I was frustrated, my step mom was acting all mean and my dad began losing sight of me. He started making his talks short, stopped working out with me; I could tell he was acting different towards me. I didn’t care though, I was going to be the first of not only my family, but also the friends I grew up with as well to make in college, and so I did. My dad gave me his old car, its actually nice, still have it now, but it needed some work, and I also had a girlfriend, so I had to get a job for her and for my car, but for me as well. Insurance was killing me, I’m eighteen and just got my license, and no one would help put their name on or at least cover a bit. Like I said, my step mom was mean and my dad lost sight of me and my mom was gone, though she did help at times. We can skip a couple months and move on to college, don’t want to bore you readers. As I get to college, I knew things were on my own now, well pretty much since I transferred I was on my own back in high school. My dad never called me nor did my step mom, my mom helped me with some schoolwork, but that was about it. I still had to pay for insurance and money was running low, it still is to this day and I no one, but my brother and my girlfriend. I’m the type though that doesn’t ask much from them, but as I sat in my chair listening to my close friend receive calls from his dad, I just wondered where mines was at. I didn’t want to be so sentimental, so I just said forget. My story isn’t finished yet, I’m a college student, working on making the football team in 2016, I workout everyday and study every night. I have friends who are there for me, and family at most. Even though my dad doesn’t make contact with me anymore, I just know that I have to do things on my own and I have to make it, I will and cannot fail. I have people who look up to me, people who grew up with me that couldn’t make this far, that couldn’t sit in class for six hours out of the day. I am the last one who will start a new beginning for others.