Getting Closure

Document created by kaitlin on Nov 4, 2015
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     I was lucky enough to be adopted into a family who had enough money to make sure my brothers and I always had what we needed and sometimes what we wanted. We have been raise to learn to budget and to save our money as training for the real world. Ever since I can remember my mom would give us each allowances for doing chores. However, we would have to split the money into four different banks: 30% to college, 30% to savings, 30% spending, and 10% to charity. This was in hope that we would learn to not spend all our money at once. The college account was to help pay for college which we knew cost a lot. The savings was for big things we wanted. The spending account was a direct and immediate reward and charity was to help those less fortunate than us. As I got older, those same sections remained the same but the percentages would vary and alter to the point where savings and spending was less and college became a larger percentage but charity always stayed at 10%.

     I have always been interested about my adoption and my homeland of China. I have always wanted to go back to visit and have spent a lot of my time wondering about my birthparents and the orphanage in which I lived in for the first three years of my life. However, the plain ticket to China was expensive and I wanted to take my parents as well so I changed up the percentages of splitting my earnings. I made China trip 40%, college 40%, and spending 20%; the charity account got combined with the China trip as I want to do some work and give back when I go. I used those percentage and within time I have raised a couple thousand bucks. It took time to build up money and a lot of effort. I had less spending money as most of it went to college and China trip. It made me budget more and realize I can't go out to dinner and shopping with my friends everyday but I had the goal of taking my parents and I to China and getting some closure on my adoption. I also began working a lot more and playing less. I balanced 3 jobs and in the summer was working 50+ hours a week. With college here, it is safe to say I have enough money to go to China...I'm just waiting to pick a date!