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Document created by melissak on Nov 4, 2015
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Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by real estate. I saw my parents were homeowners and learned in school how owning land meant a lot to people since the foundings of the country. Especially what I learned was how long it took women to be granted the full rights of a landowner and citizen of this country. I therefore wanted to take full advantage of the rights that the women before me fought for and become a homeowner as quickly as I could. My boyfriend and I started a business together our senior year of high school and kept it running all throughout college and saved as much as we could. Although keeping the business going meant sacrificed fun on the weekends, we kept our eye on the prize - being able to own a place straight out of college so we would never have to pay rent and could build our assets quicker. By the spring semester of college we had gathered enough money to make a suitable down payment on a place. Luckily, we both got jobs in the same city and were able to focus on a select few neighborhoods that matched our needs. After viewing just a handful of places, we knew we found the right one. Although it was a small, one bedroom condo, it already felt like home to us. We put in an aggressive offer in hopes to outbid the other party and got the place! Four months after closing, we are adjusting to all of the bills and maintenance that goes along with owning a place, but we wouldn't change a thing. We were homeowners at 21 and have set ourselves up for a great future together!