How does one work full-time while going to school full-time... The question of all college students.

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I am a third year college student in Wisconsin, I won't sugar coast this story to sound responsible/independent because I'm sure 99% of you can relate to my story. When I first got to college I had spending cash from working during the summer, and parents giving me some cash for the long terrifying freshmen year ahead of me. I quickly spent all my savings on beer, party favors, and clothes. I was only able to survive because I didn't have to pay rent since my parents covered the expenses for my dorm room, and they bought me a meal plan. I was taking 5-6 classes a semester(Drop one if things get hairy), and somehow managed a decent GPA to keep my parents happy. I am also a student with dyslexia and ADHD, so I take longer than other students to complete assignments, and study.


     My life was flipped upside down once I moved off campus the beginning of this year. I had to buy my own groceries, pay rent, and anything I needed. I was actually own my own. I needed to make money somehow. I applied to many jobs, but only low paying jobs that wanted me to work insane hours would take me. Since I was in class at very inconvenient times during the week I was unable to find a way to pay off my own expenses. I will never make my education secondarily to a awful job where you work you're A$S off for 7.50-10 dollars an hour before taxs....


     I found out about how to work for myself. Be creative about how I make money, and always push my comfort zone. I started looking online at posting on craigslist mainly to find little odd jobs daily. You'd be surprised what you can find on that website... Last week I helped a nice older gentlemen move from his home, to an apartment, he paid me 20 dollars an hour. Let that number sink in. Plus that's cash. So old uncle Sam can't touch that money, and I am able to make more. He lived a few minutes away and it took about 3 hours. I walked away with ABOUT 70 dollars. Plus I let him know when I was able to come help, so I did't mess any class. Currently I've been helping a gentlemen repaint a shed for 12 dollars an hour cash on the weekends. People post gigs looking for help with projects everyday. You need to be safe since you are working with strangers, but I've only meet great people so far. There's also people who are looking for non-labor gigs too. I am on my own time helping a guy design clothing, for a new brand he wants to start, He's playing me for designs of logos, different shirts, for his business off a program I downloaded off the internet for free, I do this in my spare time when I'm bored...


I am now able to cover living expenses all on my own, and it's awesome!


Work smarter, not harder.