Debt Free!!!

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I moved to  Tri Cities Washington after finishing up at Eastern Washington University in 2010. Originally from Boise, Idaho, the Tri Cities offered some great activities, weather, and the economy had been growing steadily. I decided to settle in and see how I could add value to the area.

Living paycheck to paycheck, paying bills, credit cards, and a mountain of student loans... I was not happy with the way life turned out AFTER college.  I found myself asking other people what their goals where, are they where they wanted to be in life at their age? What would they have done different?  I came to a common conclusion, young or old, many people have NO clue what they want to do, or where they want to go from here. I always thought people older than me were smarter and had it all figured out... Not always the case.

So I decided to change my direction, soaking up the all of the downtime I had before, during and after my regular work day.  I read books, discovered the power of buying and selling items online, bought a duplex with my wife, and discovered Dave Ramsey.


Dave gave me everything I was needing in my financial life... A PLAN!!! I stopped attending school in 2010 with $48,000 owed to Sallie Mae. I started on this debt free journey in March of 2013 and finished in March of 2015. I am now completely debt free-no car loans, no credit cards, no student loans- aside from the mortgage on our house.   Learning how to get control over my finances changed my life so much that I found myself very interested in helping other people do the same.  I am now a licensed financial representative who helps people everyday to understand that debt only slows your progress of building a solid foundation for financial success.